Cleo Childs has a gorgeous new release- a collection of self penned, powerful poems, performed with a brilliant band. It is an emotional ride, a journey, a song poem cycle of love, grief and faith.  This is a powerful collection of performances, by a brilliant young artist. I had the honor of editing some of this work, and I am deeply moved to hear the completed work. Wow!  - Mary Gauthier, Grammy Nominated Songwriter

Cleo has created a stunning and important project dealing with grief, moving on and as she so poignantly states…moving with. As her producer, I envisioned a concept record whereby she takes us on a journey or more aptly a song cycle where each passage essentially becomes a tone poem. The gifted musicians I carefully hired for the project were all moved to emote with genuine reactions since it was the first time they actually heard the words. I’m beyond excited with the results and I hope it touches you like it certainly has all of us. - Jim Reilley, Producer

Cleo Childs is releasing a “chill bump” collection of lyrical poetry read over a musical composition that will reach the depths of your soul with it’s raw emotion and “make you feel” descriptive words. The sound of Cleo's voice expressing our universal human emotions of loss, grief, and desire for healing in brave words that we may “dare not speak”, opens the door for true healing for every listener.  I am honored and humbled to have been a part of her process from the start of this project and believe she can be a legacy poet for this generation. - Sheree’ Spoltore’ – Founder, President Global Songwriters Connection, 2024 Source Hall of Fame Inductee

Like all Miracles, out of nowhere came Cleo Childs. There was no development, no plan, no rhyme nor reason. She just emerged.  Where did she come from?  I don't have a clue. It took blood, sweat, and tears from her, me, and her freshman English composition teacher to write her first essays.  She was the definition of a work in progress.  Somehow, someway, she made her way to Cleo.  We don't know how or why, but our moth became a butterfly.  And like Tiny Tim, I say, "God bless us, everyone!" - Geraldine Childs, Editor and Grandmother

Through her poetic words, Cleo is able to transform her grief of her mother’s passing, into a powerful tool for healing and hope. She shows us that we are not alone and that there is a way forward through the darkness.  - Kenny Seay

Cleo Childs touches the heart with her sensitive, colorful and tender words so deeply felt. - Reg Huston

Cleo Childs' work adds the beauty and power of music to her Spoken Word creations. Her remembrances of her mother, for example, are poetic and touching. I savored her artistry. - Mike Greenly, Lyricist

Cleo Childs' recordings are like beat poetry but with a welcome, different, female perspective. 

Michael Ching, Board of Directors, National Opera Association